Company Profile

System Engineering Dept.

  The main mission of the System Engineering Department is to undertake the planning and design of the
electrical control system and control cabinets.The scope of its work is starting from the understanding of
the customer needs, corresponding to their specification, selection of the electrical component parts, the
planning and design of the circuit diagram,dimensional design of the electric control enclosure,software
programming of the PLC, HMI & SCADA, and the final on-site commissioning and technical migration.
  Systems Engineering Department is the implementation of the technical development unit, specialize
in the electrical control cabinet planning, design and manufacture for the special purpose machines,
production line equipment and the system engineering of the whole plant equipment. Besides, the on-site
construction or installation engineering is also one of our primary targets. Main business fields include the
electrical control cabinets for the special purpose machines, textile machinery, tire machinery, packaging
machinery, pure water and waste water treatment equipment, clean room air-conditioning equipment,the
TFT LCD handling equipment, semiconductor equipment (solar, LED process equipment) and OEM control
cabinets and system engineering project.
   Design engineers are well educated and graduated from related major undergraduate school.All of them
have very excellence professional work experience on the specification selection of the corresponding
electrical component parts, application, wiring, installation and on-site commissioning corresponding to the
international standard such as GB (CCC), CE, UL, SEMI, CSA and etc. The customer's needs or requested
is the primary mission to accomplish, and provide a most suitable electrical control system and control cabinet
to enhance the value of the machinery or equipment.