Company Profile

Mass Production Dept.

  This department is very professional on assisting the customer:
   •1. The modularization planning and design of the electrical wiring control system
   •2. The standardization planning and design of the mass production electrical control panel.
   •3. The manufacturing planning of the mass production electrical control panel according to the needs or request
        from the customer.
 The above planning is suitable for the mass production of the OEM machinery such as CNC lathe machines,
CNC machining centers, drilling machines, injection machines, grinding machines,food machines and etc. In
addition, it is also suitable for mass production for thin-film operation panels, traditional push button operation
panels, PCB relay modules or interfaces and etc. As longas preceding the mass production electrical unit, this
department will have the ability to assist in planning and design of modularized and standardized to reduce the
overall cost of the production.Recently the production capacity of this department can afford to reach up to 400 sets.